Welcome to UU the Vote at Jefferson Unitarian Church. We believe that this is one of the most important election seasons of our lifetime, and we believe our values are at stake in this election. But we are not alone. We are able to be part of the civic engagement to ensure that our faith is represented in the conversation, including addressing voter suppression, getting people registered, and then, making sure that we help people get their votes in and counted. It’s big work, but we’ve partnered with the best experts in the field, inside and outside the Unitarian Universalist Association. Find out more about the national effort we’re partnered with at uuthevote.org.

Contact Us

You can email the leadership team with any questions you have at uuthevote@jeffersonunitarian.org.

Our Next Meeting

Join us for an informational/organizing meeting on Thursday August 6th, 7pm, via zoom, at this link.

Meet our Team

Jessy Hennesy – A born and bred JUCer, who has committed her life to working for justice and bringing our prophetic voice to the public square. She’s served on teams including as a youth advisor, in both Jeffco & the Twin Cities.

Ken Andrus – A member of the JUC Board of Trustees, Ken first felt the call the participate in UU the Vote while attending General Assembly 2020, and has already been making calls across the country and couldn’t be more excited about the connections forming within and beyond our congregation through this work.

Jill Armstrong – A longtime JUCer who raised her children here, a former board member, current leader with JUC CAN, and an all around justice warrior who has been doing work on community organizing for years.