Welcome to UU the Vote at Jefferson Unitarian Church. We believe that our ongoing democracy requires us to be involved and ensure our values are reflected in our votes! 

We are not alone in this effort. We are able to be part of the civic engagement to ensure that our faith is represented in the conversation, including addressing voter suppression, getting people registered, and then, making sure that we help people get their votes in and counted. 

It’s big work, but we’ve partnered with the best experts in the field, inside and outside the Unitarian Universalist Association. Find out more about the national effort we’re partnered with at uuthevote.org.

Our Next Meetings

UU the Vote meets every third Tuesday via Zoom at 7 p.m. The Zoom link is available in the Weekly Connection. Get involved! Read the Weekly Connection and then join our meeting and our work. We are early in this election cycle, but the groundwork can be laid now to ensure we are tracking on issues that matter. 

2023 The Hidden Life of Special Districts

On March 6, 2023 JUC UU the Vote co-hosted an event with JUC CAN and the League of Women Voters about hidden voter districts in Colorado. The first 20 minutes of this video are audio only (technical difficulties). Please follow along with the slides ‘The Hidden Lives of Special Districts’ and the first part of ‘Colorado Metro Districts.’

2022 Jeffco Candidate Forum

Check Your Registration! 

Colorado voting is done by mail ballot. Every active voter receives a ballot in the mail at their voter registration address (probably your address when you received or updated your driver’s license). If any mail sent to a person by the county at their voter registration address is returned, then that voter becomes inactive and they no longer receive a ballot in the mail until they update their voter information at GoVoteColorado.com or contact their county election office (County contact information). 

Voter registration and updating your address is REALLY EASY in Colorado! Just go to the website  GoVoteColorado.com

  • Register to vote online with a driver’s license or Dept. of Revenue ID card number, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, birth date, and a mailing address. 
  • Update your address online (need your name as it appears on your driver’s license or ID card, your birthdate, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and the zip code where you’re currently registered to vote). 

    Colorado Voter Registration Paper Forms: 
  • There is a box under Section #4 to check for persons experiencing homelessness. 
  • Under Section #6 is the mailing address for a ballot (in addition to a regular address, this address can be a church or other facility). 
  • Mail this form to the county where you will receive your ballot (County mailing information). 

Open Primaries in Colorado

Colorado has an open primary system. What does that mean? All registered unaffiliated (aka independent) voters can choose which primary to vote in—you will receive a primary ballot for each party and you choose which one to vote and return. You cannot vote in both primaries. You must pick one. 

Registered Democrats will receive the primary ballot for the Democratic slate of candidates; registered Republicans will receive the primary ballot for the Republican slate of candidates. At this point, the ballot for the Democratic candidates for the general election is well established; there may not be many choices on that primary ballot. 

Key Election Dates

  • June 28 – Primary
    • Ballots mailed, June 6
  • September 12 – Candidates finalized on the ballot
  • September 23 – Last day to file written comments on local ballot issues
  • September 26 – Due date for full text of explanation on ballot issues
  • October 7 – Ballots printed; CO Legislative Blue Book Issued
  • October 8 – League of Women Voters VOTE411.org Online Voter Guide Live
  • October 17 to October 21 – Ballots Mailed
  • October 18 – Candidate Forum at JUC
  • October 24 – Drop Boxes and Voter Service & Polling Centers Open
  • November 8 – General Election
    • Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. 
    • Last day to return ballots by mail, October 31st