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Community Organizing

We focus on community organizing to bring about structural change on the issues of affordable housing, homelessness and mental health in an effort to make a difference in Jefferson County. We are a member congregation of Together Colorado, a state-wide organization, for state-wide legislation and other social justice issues.

Homeless encampment tents and garbage

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Your voice can make a difference!

  • Join the Community Action Alert list to receive information and take action on ballot issues, legislative updates and other current social justice issues.
  • Join our JUC CAN email group if you would like to keep current on JUC CAN meetings and activities,

To join either group, please send an email to communityaction@jeffersonunitarian.org. Please include your city and indicate which list you are joining.

Current Advocacy

JUC CAN organizes to advocate for:

  • Housing Navigation Centers in Jefferson County (to provide services for the unhoused in one location)
  • Extreme Weather Shelters for the unhoused in Jefferson County
  • Statewide and local policies and legislation around housing and the unhoused. 
  • Affordable housing for renters and home ownership

We encourage community involvement, organizing, and advocacy in municipal and county government.

We educate to dispel myths around affordable housing and the unhoused.

We stand against any form of discrimination, oppression, or injustice by ourselves and our institutions.