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Give to Special Plate Collection

Since 2013, JUC has given away our our entire collection plate one Sunday a month to an organization within our community.

During the 2022-2023 church year, we gave away $26,946.26.

This year’s recipients are:

July 2023 – Family Promise of Greater Denver

August – Clothes to Kids Denver

September – Safe Parking

October – Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

November – Earthlinks

December – Action Center

January – The Mountain Top

February – Arvada Rising

March – Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

March 31 – Family Tree

May – Resilience 1220

June 2024 – Cobalt Abortion Fund

Do you have a suggestion for a special plate recipient for the 2024-25 church year?

  • Operate in Jefferson County or Colorado generally
  • Are small enough that $2,000-4,000 would make a meaningful difference in their budget
  • Help larger numbers of people
  • Have ties to the members of Jefferson Unitarian Church, particularly if our members are, or are able to be, actively involved in their work
  • Align with our Unitarian Universalist values and traditions