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Work of the Board

Primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include: ensuring that the ongoing operations of JUC are effectively managed by the ministers and staff; making sound decisions while upholding JUC’s mission; setting goals and implementing them; communicating with the congregation and supporting the spiritual growth of the congregation. Trustees also approve recommendations of the Leadership Nominating Committee for leadership positions, serve as designated Sunday board representatives and maintain financial accountability within the congregation.

Board Basics

The JUC Board of Trustees meets on the second Thursday of each month. Meeting minutes are available by calling the church office.

Policy Governance Work

As we make this journey of change, the Board will communicate with the congregation through many means. This webpage will serve as a record of those communication fro members who miss them the first time around.

The diagram below explains the policy governance organization at JUC. Arrows pointing right indicate delegation of authority and arrows pointing left indication accountability. The Program and Operations Staff should be understood to include paid and volunteer staff.

Policy diagram