The decision to become a member of Jefferson Unitarian Church represents an important milestone in your spiritual journey. (If you haven’t visited us yet, be sure to see what to expect on Sunday mornings.)

We ask you to make five commitments when you join our community.

  1. Say “Yes!” to personal growth and faith formation, guided by Unitarian Universalist principles and sources. 

This means making space to attend services, join small groups, or participate in faith formation classes, to inform your free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

  1. Commit to be a part of the church’s life and allow us to be a part of your life.

A joy shared is a joy doubled, and a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. We want to celebrate with you, to commiserate, and to greive, and you will have the same opportunity to support other church members.

  1. Serve the church and our larger community. 

Much of the work of the church is led by volunteers, like teaching religious education classes for our youth, making coffee for Sunday (in-person) services, leading social justice issues and much more. We’ll work with you to find the right fit for your talents and interests.

  1. Support the church financially through a monthly pledge.

By giving to JUC, you are stating that your personal faith and growth is a priority for you. There is no “recommended amount” for a pledge, but we ask that you make a gift in accordance with your means.

  1. Participate in the democratic processes of the church. 

Unitarian Universalist churches are led by our membership. Twice a year, we hold meetings where you have an opportunity to participate in establishing the goals and priorities of our church.

Members make JUC the vibrant community it is.  However, membership in our church is both about belonging to a community and your personal spiritual growth.

How do I join?

  1. Fill out a Membership Interest Form – each adult in your household will need to fill out a separate form, so we get to know you individually.
  2. Fill out a Pledge Form.
  3. Attend three of four New Here classes. These typically are held on Sundays. You can take these classes in any order, during any series of classes.
  4. Be a part of a Joining Ceremony! We want to celebrate your commitment to JUC.
  5. Figure out how you want to be a part of the church life, volunteer, and grow spiritually. This is a lifelong journey! It will look different in different seasons and that’s perfectly okay.