Food & NourishmentWe help people to deepen, connect and engage by focusing on their relationship with food, nutrition, the environment, and sharing stories of personal health and wellness issues.
It’s about nourishment

Resources: Find local sustainable family farms and ranches, restaurants and markets, books, journals, and DVDs on food preparation, gardening, nutrition, agriculture, and ecology via our library, website, meetings, and buying club.

Education: Participate in programs including the Nourishing Connections Luncheon, cooking and baking events, a book group, food films, meetings with legislative updates, and action items.

Advocacy: Support access to clean water and foods. Buy local, fair trade, and garden. Support stewardship for the earth, farm and food workers’ rights, food sovereignty, food choice, food safety, and relevant legislation.

Food & Fellowship: Join in producing and reaping the bounty of harvest! Our events include sharing local sustainable foods, produce, and pasture-raised animal products.

Monthly Meeting/Dinner and a Movie: We meet 3rd Tuesdays at 6 p.m. to enjoy a meal, view a film related to food and health, and engage in conversation. Everybody welcome! RSVP to Gilla Lachnitt or Carol Kolesnikoff if possible, but we will have extra.


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2016/17 Food & Nourishment Task Force Annual Report