One Sunday a month Jefferson Unitarian Church gives away our entire collection to an organization within our community. During the 2017-2018 church year, we gave away more than $53,000. We’ve been giving away the offering since 2013. In the last year we’ve partnered through our offering plate with the organizations listed below.

Members of the congregation are welcome to submit suggestions for the 2019-20 church year, which will be considered during the May 2019 meeting of the Justice Council. All applications are considered at one time for the entire church year to provide a level playing field of consideration.

If you are considering making a special plate suggestion, here’s some general guidelines. Organizations must be a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. They are more likely to be approved if they

  • Operate in Jefferson County or Colorado generally
  • Are small enough that $2,000-4,000 would make a meaningful difference in their budget
  • Help larger numbers of people
  • Have ties to the members of Jefferson Unitarian Church, particularly if our members are, or are able to be, actively involved in their work
  • Align with our Unitarian Universalist values and traditions

While none of these criteria are rigid, all them collectively play a role in how the Justice Council determines which applications are approved and which are declined. Only 12 special plate applications are approved each year, and a few organizations are done each year, including the Action Center, Family Tree and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Click here for a copy of the application.

July 2018 – Kith

August 2018 – MSU Dreamers

September 2018 – Serving Kids, Jeffco Schools Foundation

October 2018 – Family Promise

November 2018 – Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH)

December 2018 –  The Action Center

January 2019 – Freedom Fund

February 2019 – 2nd Wind Fund

March 2019 – Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

April 2019 – Family Tree

May – 2019 – National Alliance on Mental Illness

June 2019 – Jeffco Human Services Foundation