Rev. Wendy Williams - Senior Minister

Our Story

This service is a multi-voice celebration of our story. On a day in which we hold our congregational meeting at the church we may purchase, we invite several of our members to tell the story of the church from their perspectives. Our theme this month … read more.

Mercy’s Gate

Justice movements have echoed the religious notion of building Beloved Community. For those of us who would create belonging for everyone, how might new stories and stories retold help us.

Meeting Destiny

Decades ago President FDR proclaimed “This generation has a rendezvous with destiny.” Still mired in the aftermath of the great Depression and fascism on the rise, things seemed dire indeed. Today, there are many things which cause us to despair. What expectations do we have?


Our lives hold countless expectations. Sometimes high, sometimes low, and sometimes even when we think we don’t have any or tell ourselves we shouldn’t have any. How does that reality invite us into a practice of being present to what is.