Rev. Wendy Williams - Senior Minister


As we continue our mandated social distancing, liberation may seem like a wholly irrelevant theme. And yet, even in this context, liberation has something to teach us. Join Rev. Wendy as we explore the ways in which this time invites us to consider we need … read more.

Wisdom of the Ages

Ysaye Barnwell wrote one of our treasured hymns “We Are” In it she describes humans as, among other things, our grandmother’s prayers, grandfather’s dreamings, and the wisdom of ages. Could it be that wisdom then, is the practice of remembering?


At its core religion, at least in the Judeo-Christian tradition, has been about freedom. For Christians, freedom meant salvation. For Jews, it was emerging as a people from oppression. How does resilience factor in?


German American writer Charles Bukowski asked, “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” It is a worthy question as we enter a New Year setting hopes and intentions.

Say Something

We begin this month’s theme of integrity, as a community of all ages. Together we will here the same story entitled “Say Something,” in which we are reminded of the power of an individual voice. Integrity invites us to have congruence between our inner and … read more.