Kristen Psaki - Intern Minister

The Big Squeeze

Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön calls the place where the upliftedness of our ideas meets the rawness of life – the big squeeze. How and where do we experience the big squeeze in the work of building beloved community? How might we use the lens … read more.

The Elders Among Us

What makes someone an elder? It’s a word distinct from “senior” and even distant in meaning from “elderly.” To speak of “elders” carries a recognition of strength and wisdom. In an age of information, a moment of much upheaval, a time of much uncertainty, what … read more.

Storied Selves

As the saying goes, we are where we are because of where we’ve been. Stories are at work within each of us that define our religious pasts. Some of us bring angry and unresolved feelings about experiences in other religious institutions, others have warm memories. … read more.