Kim Mason - Intern Minister

Then Make it Alright

In 2018 Netflix rebooted the make over reality show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. With a new cast and new location, what lessons does Queer Eye offer for us now? How does the cast’s willingness to engage with all types of people inspire our … read more.

Trust and Liberation

As a recovering perfectionist, it can be hard for me to let go and trust that things will happen as they’re supposed to. When we want so hard to get things “right” how do we trust one another and stay engaged in creating the beloved … read more.

IDK, But I’m LOL

Each new year is an unknown, a mystery. On this Sunday before the New Year, we reflect on our hopes for 2019, what we’d like to bring with us into this new beginning and what it means to, in the words of Sweet Honey in … read more.

Remembrance in a Time of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday in our nation’s history. As we wake up to the knowledge that we live on land originally occupied by indigenous people, how to do we honor the memory of the land and share our gratitude for the here and now?

Sanctuary of the Soul

Where and how do we create time to nurture our inner life? What practices to we maintain that enrich our connections with ourselves and the greater mysteries of life? This sermon launches a year long exploration into spiritual practice.

Beautiful Complexity

Emergence is the philosophical and religious approach that any system, any whole, is greater than the sum of its parts. However, the beauty of any system is dependent upon the interconnections of each part. In a world where we choose our interactions, what does emergence … read more.

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Our lives are filled with moments when we choose to stay in the game, stay at the table or stay in the conversation. These choices can be wise or risky, calculated or foolish. Using lessons learned from playing roller derby, ministerial intern Kim Mason will … read more.