Resilience Week 1: Resilience of Spring Imbolc

Throughout our abundant lives, we can find simple and quick ways to connect our learning and growth at church to our lives at home. 


At Church:

We discovered the resilience of Spring Imbolc supported by our 7th UU Principle~ Caring for the Earth and all of its creatures.

Morning Time:

Consider these thoughts by Rob Grad

The most delicate flower is still a badass, it sucks food from roots, stares at the sun and basks in it. It wrestles the wind, and drinks rain.

Drive Time:

Listen to: Here Comes the Sun

Meal Time: 

Talk about: What do you look forward to in Spring? What is your family’s favorite activity to do in Spring? How do we care for the natural world living our UU 7th Principle?

Bed Time: 

Read: When Spring Comes, I am a warrior goddess, Brigid and the Butter: A Legend about St Brigid

Family Time: 

Learn more about Imbolc here