Play Week 3: Word Play

Throughout our abundant lives, we can find simple and quick ways to connect our learning and growth at church to our lives at home. 

PLAY: Spotify Playlist / Youtube Playlist

At Church: 

We learned that being a people of Play means enjoying the play of creating and enjoying words. It can also be an important way to play since new words can create a new reality. One example is the holiday of Juneteenth, the creative combination of the month (June) and date (19th), a celebration of African American emancipation, or freedom, from slavery. 

Morning Time:

Colors of PRIDE Mindfulness 


PLAY: Get into the Moment and remember that life is Wild and Precious

Consider these thoughts by Oscar Wilde~ One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards..”

Drive Time: 

Listen to: Listen to the Music rendition by Doobie Brothers

Weekly Chalice Lighting:

There Is Light

In the beginning

There was light

Infinite and expansive

Flowing out from an unseen center.

Throughout Creation

There is light

From the steady Sun

The glowing Moon

The flashing Meteor

The twinkling Stars

And the auroras dancing in the northern skies.

Within each part of Creation

There is light

Slowed down and held close

By every cell and molecule

By each atom and element.

Within you

There is light

The same light as the Source

The same radiance that is in all creatures.

May this small flame

Be a constant reminder to you

Of your true nature

And your kinship with all beings.

~Eric Williams

Meal Time: 

Discuss: Where do you go to play in your own imagination? And what do you take with you?

Bed Time:

Read: The Hula Hoopin Queen by Thelma Lynne Godin

Family Time:  

Clapping Games

This link goes to a collection of videos demonstrating clapping games, which are super fun, and can be played in chairs, and even on Zoom with a little tweaking. Note that clapping patterns and the rhymes that accompany them are fluid, and often reach across generations and cultures. Doing a little investigating to learn the origin stories of a favorite clapping game or chant can be part of the fun, and help you decide which parts you want to keep as a family, and which you’re more comfortable leaving to history.

From the list above, here are two favorites well suited for family fun:

Concentration 64 is a naming-challenge and clapping game which can easily be customized to your family’s pastimes, favorite movies, and other categories where shared knowledge evens the playing field and makes this friendly for all ages.Say, Say My Playmate is an early 20th century tune to which a clapping game has been fitted. Many elder friends and relatives will know the song, and teaching them the clapping game could be great, intergenerational fun. (The clapping game pattern is sometimes taught as a separate game, without a tune, called “Slide.”)

Blessing of PLAY

May the month ahead brim with merriment, with joy, with revelry and experiment and glorious, irrelevant efforts for no particular purpose but play. May we be each other’s conspirators in gigglement and glee, in dashing, in daring, in delight. May we remember that children and crows and otters and kittens are wise in ways that we would do well to emulate, that is, in their instinctive impulse toward game and contest and exploration. This month may your body play. May your mind play. May your spirit play. And with the Divine, the Source of all ebullience everywhere, may you dance playfully to the music of your own light heart. 

-Teresa Honey Youngblood

Monthly Meditations

PRIDE Mindfulness

We hang PRIDE flags of rainbow colors during June, which is PRIDE month. Celebrate PRIDE with a Rainbow Meditation. If your children are younger, consider having them draw the color of the rainbow during each pause.

Centering: Let’s now get into our meditation positions.

  • Sit comfortably in your chair or on the floor.
  • Put your hands on your lap or on your knees.
  • Sit up nice and tall.
  • Focus your eyes in front of you.
  • Find your breath moving in your body by taking in one breath through your nose and then slowly breathing it out through your mouth.

Mindful Moment: Colors of PRIDE Mindfulness

Imagine yourself a cloud in the sky. Floating, relaxed. [PAUSE]

Imagine a rainbow of light shines through and around you as a cloud, with all of the colors arching from you to the ground below. [PAUSE]

Look down the rainbow at each color. [PAUSE]

Imagine the red of the rainbow, shining, glowing, the red of heart, red of love, red of stop signs. [PAUSE]

Imagine the orange of the rainbow, shining, glowing, the orange of creativity, orange of dawn, orange of mangoes. [PAUSE]

Imagine the yellow of the rainbow, shining, glowing, the yellow of power, yellow of the sun, yellow of sunflowers. [PAUSE]

Imagine the green of the rainbow, shining, glowing, the green of calmness, green of the forest, green of spring wheat. [PAUSE]

Imagine the blue of the rainbow, shining, glowing, the blue of relaxing, the blue of the sky, the blue of a Blue Morpho Butterfly. [PAUSE]

Imagine the indigo of the rainbow, shining, glowing, the indigo of mystery and thought, the indigo of jeans, the indigo of blueberries. [PAUSE]

Imagine the violet of the rainbow, shining, glowing, the violet of the spirit, the violet of amethysts, the violet of galaxies and nebulas. [PAUSE]

Imagine this rainbow as a beacon of rainbow colors, signaling PRIDE support for all of us.

Return now to this place and time, and carry the rainbow of colors with you throughout your day.

Reflection: How did it feel to be a cloud lighting up the sky with a rainbow?

Mindful Moments with Lea about PLAY: 

Get into the Moment and remember that life is Wild and Precious

  • Remind the child(ren) about the importance of calming ourselves so we can better focus on each other and our time together.
  • Tell them that a special friend named Lea has written a song for us to learn and it is a song that teaches us something important about this month’s theme: we have the opportunity to consider the ways we c.
  • Center the child(ren) before playing the video.
  • After the video, talk and listen with your child to discover all the things you heard together.