Music at Jefferson Unitarian Church plays a vital role in the ministry of the church.

In gatherings of people across cultures and times, people have sung together to express their common humanity and to share grief and joy. Each Sunday morning worship service at Jefferson Unitarian Church begins with congregational singing to help consecrate the hour together. The church’s music ministries are woven into JUC worship services, expressing values of diversity and inclusion, offering opportunities for participation, and inviting ways to connect with the larger community.

If you are a musician and would like to connect to our Music Ministry, please contact Keith Arnold, Minister of Music, or Sarah Billerbeck, Director of Music for Children and Youth.

Rev. Keith Arnold is on sabbatical through July 31, 2018. In his absence, music inquiries can be made to Melissa Monforti, Music Ministry Intern. More information about music operations during Keith’s sabbatical can be found in the documents below.

Sabbatical Leadership

Sabbatical Delegation Plan