JUC CAN (Community Action Network) is partnering with Together Colorado and other organizations to support bills in the Colorado Legislature that promote our UU values.

Showup Regulations (HB21-1142)

Showup is an unreliable eyewitness identification procedure used by law enforcement where a lone individual is presented in person to an eyewitness to determine if that individual committed the crime. The inherently biased and suggestive nature of showups contributes greatly to misidentifications, and eyewitness identifications of people who are of a different race have been found to be particularly unreliable. HB-1142 creates a legal duty for showups to be conducted according to statute, which will lead to standardization and limit the use of showups. Colorado needs to require updated standardized and recognized best practices for eyewitness identification and limit admissibility in court unless certain practices are followed to reduce the pipeline of people to prison.

Keep Coloradans Housed (SB21-173)

SB-173 places guardrails on late fees, creates more balance and fairness for tenants in the eviction court system, and reduces costly evictions by giving tenants more time to seek financial assistance. SB-173 will”

  • Create a reasonable statutory limit on the amount and timing of late rent fees
  • Require transparency about late fee charges and timing in a lease
  • Prohibit a tenant from being evicted solely for owing late fees
  • Allow tenants more opportunities to pay rent during the eviction process
  • Eliminate bond requirements so tenants are not priced out of court
  • Establish a financial penalty for landlords who illegally lockout their tenants

Affordable Housing (HB21-1117)

Lack of affordable housing is a continuing problem throughout Colorado. HB-1117 allows local officials, if they choose, to use tools to create local solutions that address affordable housing needs in their community. Local solutions could include requiring that a certain number or percentage of new housing units meet certain affordability requirements. Many people, such as teachers, firefighters, and service industry workers, are employed in our communities but cannot afford to live there.

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