The Gun Violence Reduction Team at JUC seeks to partner with the Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU) and other organizations to involve JUC members in gun violence prevention efforts. We will support legislation, organized demonstrations and marches, and other actions to provide a legal and community framework to reduce and eliminate the power of gun advocates and gun owner organizations to facilitate universal access to guns.

In our country, we experience over 30,000 firearm deaths, and more than 100,000 gun injuries yearly. If a disease were taking that toll, we would marshal every public health asset to combat it. Yet we allow this slaughter to continue unabated. As a member of CFCU, our participation in dealing with this public health epidemic is sorely needed. Suicides, homicides and unintentional gun deaths are all facilitated by the spread of gun ownership and the lack of requirements for the purchase, storage and carrying of weapons.  This is not about gun rights or words on paper. It is about taking action to make our communities, our state, and our nation safer.

Please e-mail Don Armstrong & Don Macalady, to sign up or get more information.