Nursery, Toddler and Preschool Program

Faith development for a young child begins when they find the world a trustworthy place.

We know that both parents and children need to find our nursery and toddler care worthy of their trust, and we take that very seriously. You will find a team of trustworthy adults and teens who are there to welcome you all and to assist in the process of trust building and handing over of the care of your children. Please let us know how we can help your child and you to make this process go as smoothly as possible.

As children move from young toddlers to preschoolers and into kindergarten, they develop a sense of self and language, and to encourage their faith development, we teach them our Unitarian Universalist rituals and songs. We light a chalice with our preschool children just as we do each Sunday in the main service because it is the primary symbol of Unitarian Universalism. We also sing our UU Principles Song together, [link to video of UU principle song] which is a much-simplified version of our Seven UU Principles.

Elementary Age Program

Faith development for school-aged children involves learning and spending time with the stories of our tradition and then finding themselves and their lives in those stories and themes. They take the faith their parents claim as their own.

Children learn to lead worship in their individual groups and in our monthly Children’s Chapel as they light the chalice or lead the group in our unison opening words:

We are Unitarian Universalists.

We are a church of Open Minds,

We are a church of Helping Hands,

We are a church of Loving Hearts.

Together we care for the earth and all it’s creatures,

And work for justice for all people.

Middle School and High School Youth Programming

Young people in sixth through 12th grades are thinking more abstractly, looking for adult role models outside their families to admire, and engaging with self-differentiating questions about how are they different and similar to their parents, their church and their faith. There are opportunities within our congregation and beyond to explore these questions and engage their idealism and longing for a more just world.

Monthly Themed Family Reflection