Memory Week 3: People live on in our memories after they die.

Throughout our abundant lives, we can find simple and quick ways to connect our learning and growth at church to our lives at home.

Enjoy this Memory playlist on Spotify!


Morning Time

To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die.

-Thomas Campbell

Sharing tales of those we’ve lost is how we keep from really losing them. -Mitch Albom

Drive Time

Listen to:

Great Grandmother Tree by The Okee Dokee Brothers. And grab some tissues.

Remember Me from the movie Coco

Keep Me In Your Heart by Warren Zevon

Meal Time

When someone dies we feel sad.  Thinking about the person that died can help us feel connected to them. As a family how do you remember someone who has died. Perhaps you like to look at old photos, or share stories about them on the holidays, maybe you cook a recipe that they made. What other ways can you keep the memory of someone alive after they have died.

Bed Time

Share a story with your children about someone you loved who has died. Their stories and memories are how they live on in our hearts. Support your children if they’d like to tell a story or a pet or loved one too.  

Family Time

Watch Coco together. Who would be on your ofrenda?