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Time for all Ages – Whimsey’s Heavy Things

Song of the Month – Turn the World Around

Week of August 10, 2020

Song of the Month: 

Our new song for August is Turn the World Around: Watch, learn and sing along with the video on the main guide page

Revisit the Time for All Ages: 

Whimsey’s Heavy Things By Julie Kraulis Watch the video again on the main guide page

Wonder and Reflection:

From Time for All Ages:

I wonder what you do with heavy things?

Maybe talking about them or speaking out against those heavy things helps. Maybe saying you are sorry or forgiving someone because there nothing else you can do- helps, maybe just being able to hold someone’s hand might help the heavy things feel less heavy. Whimsey had her way to manage her heavy things…

I wonder what you have tried and what helps you with your heavy things?


Lie down and take a few deep breaths.

Tense your tummy muscles for the count of two and then release or relax them.  See how this feels.

Now start this tensing and relaxing with each part of the body, starting with the toes.

Clench your toes for the count of two, then release them.

Now clench your feet for two, then release.

Let’s try your calf muscles. Clench for two, then release.

Work your way up your body until you finally finish up by clenching and releasing the top of your head. 

For added fun, you can make a silly face and clench and release! 

Creative Expression

Whimsey tried many things with her things before she broke them apart into smaller pieces. Try drawing, painting, writing, or use another form of creative expression to represent a heavy thing you are carrying.  After you finish, look closely at it.  Does it feel as heavy? What might you be able to do to make this lighter for you? Sometimes talking about it helps, sometimes crying with someone or sharing other feelings about it helps. Sometimes just naming those feelings helps. What would you like to do with your expression? Some people like to keep it as a reminder and other people want to crumple or tear it up as a reminder that feelings can change. 

Do you have anything else that feels heavy? Repeat as often as you wish.