Integrity Week 1: Integrity Through Living our UU Values in Action

Throughout our abundant lives, we can find simple and quick ways to connect our learning and growth at church to our lives at home. 


At Church:

We discovering ways to put UU principles and values in action supported by our 6th UU Principle~ Building a fair and peaceful world.

Morning Time:

Consider these thoughts by Omid Safi

If you have an inner voice telling you that how this country is now is not right. That these shootings aren’t right. That racism isn’t right. That treating immigrants as they are isn’t right. Honor that voice. It’s your heart reminding you that love is real, that there is a more beautiful way to live.  Nurture this voice and link it to others.

Drive Time:

Listen to: This Little Light of Mine on Spotify Playlist 

Meal Time: 

Talk about: What would you do if you saw something that wasn’t right? If someone wasn’t being treated fairly or kind? What could you say or do? How might you respond?

Bed Time: 

Read: A is for Activist, Free as a Bird, Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up

Family Time: 

Watch: The Lorax

Blessing of Integrity

Parents of faith, bless you and thank you for your magnificent effort to raise noble, caring, whole children. Know that we, all of us, benefit from your undertaking, and share this task with you, for you are creating tomorrow’s society in the hearts and minds of today’s youth. May your stores of moral courage, forgiveness, compassion, creativity, and humor be rich and sustaining. And should they run short, may you remember that there is a community of integrity surrounding you, offering you its support and nourishment. May we all open and let that nourishment in. And, in return, may we pass it on to each other.