Expectation Week 2: Can there be a sense of magic or “awe and wonder” in letting go of expectations?

Throughout our abundant lives, we can find simple and quick ways to connect our learning and growth at church to our lives at home. 

Enjoy this month’s Spotify Playlist!

At Church: 

We explored what might happen if we let go or step outside of expectations.

Morning Time: 

Share this quote by Rev. Vanessa Southern:

The world won’t stop spinning on her axis if you don’t rise to all occasions today.

Love won’t cease to flow in your direction,

your heart won’t stop beating…

Rest, if you must, then, like the swimmer lying on her back who floats…

Drive Time:

Shakira – Try Everything (From “Zootopia”)

Meal Time: 

If you could go back two, three, five, ten years, what one thing would you tell your self to expect in your own future? (In other words, what’s something you most wish you would have known about ahead of time and been able to prepare for?)

Bed Time:

Hungry Coat: Demi

Family Time:

Read the original book, Ferdinand the Bull.

Watch the movie, Ferdinand.

Share all the forms your family and the stories of Ferdinand of expectations had.