Pastoral Care 1 Do you need to reach a minister with a confidential pastoral concern? You can reach our minister on-call either by phone, 720-CHURCH9 (720-248-7249), or by email at

The Pastoral Care Team at Jefferson Unitarian Church covenants with our members to enhance the capacity of all to care for one another. We strive to cultivate the resilience needed to live full spiritual lives by supporting each other in times of struggle and sorrow and by celebrating major milestones like new babies. In partnership with our professional ministers, the lay leaders and volunteers of the Pastoral Care Team provide meals and rides to members in need of short-term assistance, loans durable medical equipment like canes and shower stools during recovery from surgery, host workshops about life issues, including end of life, visit regularly with members of our congregation who may be struggling with life transitions or getting to church, host receptions following memorial services, and write cards to the people we’re holding in prayer. If you need help, contact our on-call minister or look at our directory of community resources for a wide range of assistance. For more information about how we care for each other, see our Pastoral Care Group Handbook.

Would you like to volunteer with our Pastoral Care Team? If so, we ask that you print and fill out this application or fill it out online, and send it to Rev. Eric Banner to arrange a conversation about where you might best fit into our caring ministry.