Sunday, May 20 – 12:30 p.m. 

Please plan to attend! Light lunch will be available for a donation and child care is provided.

Agenda items will include:

  • Making Room Update
  • 2017-18 Annual Report
  • Introduction of 2018-19 lay leaders;
  • Elect Board Trustees (nominees for 3-year terms: Andrea Aikin, Case Collard, Heather Hagemann; nominee for 1-year term: Paula Menten);
  • Elect Leadership Nominating Committee members (nominees for 3-year terms: John Hambright, Dorothy Smith);
  • Elect Endowment and Memorial Gift Trust Directors (nominees for 3-year terms: Rachelle Trujillo, David Entwistle; nominee for 1-year term: Lark Birdsong);
  • Approve 2018-19 annual operating budget: JUC 2018-19 Operating Budget Summary

Friends and newcomers are welcome to attend and will be given the courtesy of the floor, but only members who have signed the Membership Book no later than April 20 may vote.

Absentee Ballots will be available from the church office by Friday, May 4 and are due back no later than 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 17. A 15% quorum is necessary to conduct the business of this meeting; absentee ballots will not count toward this quorum.

No budget forums will be held. Please contact Carol Wilsey directly at 303-279-5282 with any questions about the budget process or the proposed budget. You will need to contact her by Wednesday, May 16 because she will be on vacation beginning Thursday, May 17.

Nominations for Board of Trustees
Andrea Aikin
Andrea Aikin joined JUC in 1987 after being raised in the UU faith. In her professional life she’s provided environmental consulting and writing services to private and government clients. Her life’s joy has included raising her two children (now in college) as part of our JUC community. Andrea lives her UU values through service to our congregation; over the last 30 years she’s taught Religious Education and has sat on the Leadership Nominating Committee, the Committee on Ministry, and Religious Education’s Family Ministry Team. For the last three years she’s been a member of the JUC Board.

Case Collard
Case joined JUC in 2011 with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Charlotte (now 7). They have added two more daughters since then, Everly (5) and Ramona (4). The Collards recently moved to Evergreen from Golden. Case and Elizabeth are both originally from Kansas and this is their first church home, though Case attended Christian-Science services on occasion growing up. Case is a lawyer, practicing as a partner at the firm Dorsey & Whitney, focusing on commercial litigation. He has been a volunteer firefighter in Golden since 2009. He and Elizabeth have been members of the Action Center Self-Sufficiency Society since 2012 and Elizabeth recently joined their board. Case is also active with Project PAVE and local Democratic politics.

Heather Hagemann
Heather Hagemann and her husband Scott joined JUC in 2001 when their two children were young.  She currently serves as the coordinator for the JUC/Family Tree holiday gifting program, an evening host coordinator with JUC’s Family Promise program, a member of the JUC Membership Team, and a Golden Circle Luncheon volunteer.  Heather is an attorney and operates a small business with her husband. Heather’s interests include backpacking, skiing, cooking, traveling, volunteering, and spending time in the mountains with her family, friends, and dog. Her daughter is finishing her second year at the University of Denver, and her son is a junior at Ralston Valley High School.

Paula Menten
Paula Menten has been a member of JUC since 1999, after having been active in Houston and St. Louis UU churches. She has served on the Board of Trustees, the Committee on Ministry, a ministerial Search Team, and the Leadership Nominating Committee.  Paula works for an energy company as an air compliance manager. She and her husband, Jeff, enjoy bicycling and traveling.

Nominations for Leadership Nominating Committee
John Hambright
After a 2-year in-house “sabbatical,” John is excited to return to serve the JUC community (and to pad his résumé). John has been on the JUC Board of Trustees, including a 1-year term as your president, as well as stints with the Green Task Force and the Social Responsibility Council. John and his wife, Kim, joined the church in 2000 and shepherded their kids through various RE programs, including a year as adult advisors to the YRUU high schoolers. John is an active scrip card buyer and is excited to explore and expand the leadership potential within our walls (wherever those walls end up being).

Dorothy Smith
After a MS in immunology, Dorothy taught biology, then became behavioral health nurse – now retired. She volunteers as teaching assistant for 1st grade, volunteers in medical areas, travels, gardens, reads, etc. She joined JUC in 2005 with husband Bruce. They have two daughters, one teaching at the University of Washington and one developmentally disabled attending JUC. At JUC she spent many years on a Fellowship dinner cooking team, and on the Pastoral Care leadership team. She started a caregivers support group and is on the Memorial Service committee. She is currently trying to start congregational small group dinners (called “2Cons”), and is with Together Colorado JUC. Dorothy has been involved in chalice circles, covenant groups, and UUSC-JUC.

Nominations for Endowment and Memorial Gift Trust Directors
Rachelle Trujillo
An estranged Catholic, Rachelle discovered JUC at the prompting of David Digiacomo and joined in 2013 with her kids, Jake, 19, and Julia, 16. She has been a proud Coming of Age mentor to three 8th graders, participated in Small Group ministry for several years and was in the Leadership Development group. Darrin LeBlanc proposed to her in the JUC sanctuary in Dec. 2016 after a Small Group gathering, and they married in 2017. Rachelle is the Senior Director of Marketing Communications at the Colorado School of Mines Foundation, where her team tells the stories of Mines’ student and faculty impact on the world with the goal of driving meaningful gifts to the university. She is leading marketing for Mines’ six-year comprehensive fund raising campaign. She was the Chief Marketing Officer for Girl Scouts of Colorado for fifteen years and is still a troop leader to four Girl Scouts who are earning their Gold Awards. She loves traveling, biking, hiking and is training for her first (and probably only) marathon this fall.

Lark Birdsong
After undergraduate school and over the course of her career, Lark acquired three master’s degrees; one in education, a MBA: finance/accounting and the third in library and information science. As she progressively built her blended skills in education, business administration and information science she led and helped organizations to achieve informed choices and strategic directions for their mission, values and goals in the sports, business, education and philanthropic industries.

David Entwistle
David, Laurie and daughter Emily joined JUC in 2000. Emily began in religious education and continued on through high school. Grand daughter Melanie also participated in religious ed and was a member before moving out of state with her family. The family left JUC in 2013 and returned in 2015. Both Dave and Laurie volunteered in the nursery for 2 years and this past year David help teach the 4th-5th grade religious education class while Laurie is finishing her 2nd year in the mentoring program. Laurie is involved with patient advocacy while David has spent his career in arboriculture working as a  consultant and business developer for commercial clients. They have 4 daughters and 5 grand kids  and love spending time by the water and with their family.