What is Spirit Map?

The Spirit Map survey was designed by a group from Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul. It gives a congregation and its leaders insights into its culture of spirituality, including its self-identified strengths and opportunities for development.

Survey participants are given a list of attributes and asked to rate, on a scale of one to ten, how well the attributes apply to the survey taker. There will be questions about the impact of church programs and how they may relate to the survey taker’s religious growth.

On an individual level, survey results may assist its takers in finding inherent religious strengths and in discovering opportunities to develop enhanced senses of peace, compassion, and joy. At a congregational level, the survey results may help churches to celebrate their collective spiritual strengths and to identify methods of enhancing the church’s overall religious growth.

Spirit Map at JUC

In April and May of 2017, 333 JUCers completed the Spirit Map survey customized for our church. The survey consisted of three components:

Forty four statements about your spiritual life. A rough classification divided the results between “signature strengths” in which JUCers gave the statement a high self-assessment and a high importance and “key opportunities” in which you gave the statement a high importance but a low self-assessment.
Our Signature Strengths were identified as:
  • I act with integrity.
  • I care deeply about the welfare of others.
  • I seek opportunities to learn and grow.
  • I believe it matters what I do.
  • I take responsibility for the consequences of my actions, even those that are unintended.

Our Key Opportunities were identified as:

  • I’m able to adapt when things do not turn out the way I want.
  • I give to others fully and generously.
  • I can be in the presence of my own or another’s pain without needing to flee or fix it.
  • I see beauty all around me.
  • I make good decisions about when to act.
Evaluation of JUC’s three strategic outcomes; deepen, connect and engage. JUCers were asked to rate the details of each of these outcomes on a scale between 1 and 5 and for all three you scored on average between 4 and 5 indicating strong support for these outcomes. In addition, the survey asked whether members would recommend JUC to a friend as a measure of overall loyalty and 71% said yes.
Finally, we asked for general comments on how JUC was doing and, not surprisingly, quite a gamut of opinions were received.