JUC Board of Trustees

Work of the Board

Primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include: ensuring that the ongoing operations of JUC are effectively managed by the ministers and staff; making sound decisions while upholding JUC’s mission; setting goals and implementing them; communicating with the congregation and supporting the spiritual growth of the congregation. Trustees also approve recommendations of the Leadership Nominating Committee for leadership positions, serve as designated Sunday board representatives and maintain financial accountability within the congregation.

Board Basics

The JUC Board of Trustees meets on the second Thursday of each month. Meeting minutes are available by calling the church office.

Email the Board of Trustees

Policy Governance Work

As we make this journey of change, the Board will communicate with the congregation through many means. This webpage will serve as a record of those communication fro members who miss them the first time around.

The diagram below explains the policy governance organization at JUC. Arrows pointing right indicate delegation of authority and arrows pointing left indication accountability. The Program and Operations Staff should be understood to include paid and volunteer staff.


Values and Strategic Outcomes

Governing Policies

Below, you can learn more about each board member and their role within JUC.

Board Member Bios

Case Collard, President
Case joined JUC in 2011 with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Charlotte. They have welcomed two more kids since then, Everly and Ramona. Case and Elizabeth are both originally from Kansas and this is their first church home, though Case attended Christian-Science services on occasion growing up. Case is a lawyer, practicing as a partner at the firm Dorsey & Whitney, focusing on commercial litigation. He has been a volunteer firefighter in Golden since 2009. He and Elizabeth have been members of the Action Center Self-Sufficiency Society since 2012 and Elizabeth serves on their board. Case is also on the board of Project PAVE and active in local Democratic politics. Term Ends: 2021

Stacie Amaya
A lifelong UU, Stacie grew up attending church at First Unitarian Society of Denver before becoming a member of JUC in 2013. She has served in leadership roles for the SOUPs group and on the planning committee for the 2015 JUC Family Retreat, and has been an active member along with her three children: Jules (16), Tula (12), and Evie (11). She and her kids have attended a JUC Family Camp Trip every year since coming to JUC; she sings in the choir and her kids are active members of the Children’s choir; she has also participated in small groups; and volunteers just about every time she has been asked. Stacie works in Higher Education and has previously served on the Auraria Board of Directors and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. She is currently an active member of the Equity and Inclusion Council for the Colorado Community College System and serves as the Mentor/Advisor to the State Student Advisory Council for the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education.

Ken Andrus

Ken joined JUC in 2016 with his wife Julie. Their son Jacob is a sophomore at Arizona State University. Their daughter Sydney is a freshman at Arizona University. Ken is a Technical Support Engineer at a software company in Boulder. He is a member of the JUC choir, and is active in the Shared Ministry. He also participates in Family Promise and Habitat for Humanity. Ken plays keyboards and sings in a local band. He and Julie enjoy hiking, playing golf and spending time with their kids and friends. Term ends: 2022

Pam Bond
Pam grew up in the neighborhood and at Applewood Valley Methodist Church. She studied and worked in Washington State, British Columbia, Oregon, Wyoming, Texas and eventually Hawaii as an educator, administrator and counselor before returning home to be with aging parents. She joined JUC in 2003. She first helped teach preschool and eventually became the RE Assistant. She has participated in small groups and led a Chalice Circle, too. Pam attended as many adult religions education classes/workshops as possible and, when there were few, she joined the LEAP committee. She eventually served as co-chair of the Being UU committee during a time of great change.

David Fleck

A lifelong UU, David Fleck joined JUC in 2012 with his Wife Erin and 1 year old Daughter Annabelle. David has helped keep the coffee pots pouring and is active with our Just Neighboring All Church Project.  Past service to the community include: Edgewater City Council, Edgewater Redevelopment Authority and Race Director for the City Park Criterium bicycle race.  Professionally, David is a project architect with a company in Denver. Term ends: 2022

Paula Reed

Paula Reed’s family began attending JUC in the 1970s, when Paula was in elementary school. She joined in 1998, when her own children were small. She has served most recently as the president of the board of trustees, and she has also served on ministerial search committees, the committee on ministry (now called the Shared Mission Team), and numerous other committees. She has performed in church musicals, taught children’s RE classes, generally participating in many aspects of life at JUC. She is also a retired Jeffco school teacher.

Heather Hagemann

Heather Hagemann and her husband Scott joined JUC in 2001 when their two children were young.  She has served as the coordinator for the JUC/Family Tree holiday gifting program, an evening host coordinator with JUC’s Family Promise program, a member of the JUC Membership Team, and a Golden Circle Luncheon volunteer.  Heather is an attorney and operates a small business with her husband. Heather’s interests include backpacking, skiing, cooking, traveling, volunteering, and spending time in the mountains. Her daughter is a junior at the University of Denver, and her son is a senior at Ralston Valley High School. Term Ends: 2021

Derek Bassett

Derek joined JUC in Nov 2017 with his wife Marla and daughters Erica and Lucy. He was raised in the UU faith, and enjoyed reliving his own experience with his oldest daughter in Neighboring Faiths. Derek is a Senior Software Engineer at a software company in Denver. He is a member of the JUC choir. He enjoys travel, walking and attending events with his family. Term ends: 2022

Tracy Nolan

Tracy joined JUC in February of 2017. She serves on the Family Ministry Team, is a facilitator in the New Here membership classes, and teaches/coordinates monthly Parents’ Yoga. In support of the launch of the New Horizons Capital Campaign to fund moving buildings, she chaired an all church event and program. She is currently at home with two boys, 4 and 8 years old, is a lawyer and yoga teacher.

Boulder Denver Cluster – JUC

Mission: The Boulder Denver Cluster will support Unitarian Universalist congregations and organizations to foster their excellence, increase the visibility of Unitarian Universalism, grow our Unitarian Universalist faith, and transform the wider community through social justice and interfaith partnerships.            (Adopted September 4, 2007)

Member Congregations

In addition to JUC, the Boulder Denver Cluster includes the following congregations: Boulder Valley UU Fellowship, Columbine UU Church, First Unitarian Society of Denver, First Universalist Church of Denver, Prairie UU Church and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder.

Covenant of Respectful Relationships


We, the members of the Jefferson Unitarian Church covenant to practice our UU principles in daily life. Yet, seldom do we bring to consciousness these formally stated principles.

In our ongoing interactions with one another, we easily find satisfaction in the spontaneous, creative, and respectful climate that permeates the atmosphere at JUC. It is one of the reasons we choose to participate in the activities of the church.

Throughout our years of congregational life, we have nonetheless experienced some stormy weather. We have learned that divergent views accompanied by strong feelings can create turbulence regarding the actions of the JUC Board of Trustees, ministers, church staff, members expressing personal views in writing and at church meetings. In the heat of the moment, we sometimes lose sight of the principles we practice so naturally when good weather prevails.

The following short list of respectful behaviors offers each of us renewed perspective when we become blinded by feelings of anger and distrust. In such circumstances the Covenant of Respectful Relationships can remind us of the opportunity to continue practicing our religious principles and thereby grow in our spiritual journey.

Covenant of Respectful Relationships

As a member of Jefferson Unitarian Church, I covenant to do the following:

I will speak truthfully with care and compassion.

I will seek first to understand, then to be understood.

I will speak directly to any person(s) with whom I have a concern rather than complain to others.

I expect that there will be differences among us, and I will accept and care for others despite those differences.

I will not disparage people with whom I disagree.

I will refrain from judging other people’s motives.

I will test my assumptions and examine my own motives.

I will honor my responsibility for upholding the spiritual principles and traditions of our community. In all things, I will cherish the health of the congregation above individual agendas.

I will remain engaged with compassion and respect when conflict occurs and participate in the process, knowing that truth emerges from a free and open exchange of ideas.

Adopted by the congregation at the Annual Spring Meeting – May 22, 2005