Deadline to vote is Sunday, June 13
Because it is still unsafe to meet in person, the JUC Board of Trustees is using the bylaws section enacted last year by the congregation allowing a vote without a meeting. Members will vote by electronic or mail-in ballots.

How to Vote
You may vote in one of the following ways:

Only members who joined no later than May 14 may vote. Voting eligibility will be verified by the JUC office, so your name must appear on the ballot to be counted. We must receive 114 ballots in order to achieve a quorum for the vote. Your vote must be received by 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 13 to be counted.

Voting includes the following:

  • Elect Board Trustees (nominees for three-year terms: Chris Sealy, Case Collard, Craig Williamson);
  • Elect Leadership Nominating Committee members (board approved nominee serving through 6/30/23: Katie Wheeler; nominees for three-year terms: Will Cheever, Linda Lauer)
  • Elect Endowment and Memorial Gift Trust Directors (nominees for three-year terms: Sherry Agard, Kathy Bassett);
  • Approve 2021-22 annual operating budget.

Questions can be sent to

Nominations for Board of Trustees

Chris Sealy
Chris (and her husband, Steef) joined JUC when their son was six and their daughter was three. Those darling little kids are now 36 and nearly 33. Over the years, the kids weren’t the only ones who grew at JUC. Chris likes to think she’s learned to play well with others from many volunteer jobs, including auction chair, all-church retreat co-chair, two ministerial search committees, the worship committee and a stint on the Board in the 90s. Chris and Steef started and still host First Friday Open Mic and I Heart Xmas. She’s written countless JUC parodies for church musicals over the years, including this year’s virtual auction. She sings in the choir, in an a cappella ensemble called Sophia’s Journey, and in the folk group, the EverHopefuls. Chris’s first career was as a radio news reporter and anchor in L.A. and Denver. She and Steef now own a video production company.

Case Collard
Case joined JUC in 2011 with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Charlotte. They have welcomed two more kids since then, Everly and Ramona. Case and Elizabeth are both originally from Kansas and this is their first church home, though Case attended Christian-Science services on occasion growing up. Case is a lawyer, practicing as a partner at the firm Dorsey & Whitney, focusing on commercial litigation. He has been a volunteer firefighter in Golden since 2009. He and Elizabeth have been members of the Action Center Self-Sufficiency Society since 2012 and Elizabeth serves on their board. Case is also on the board of Project PAVE and active in local Democratic politics.

Craig Williamson
Craig is a lifelong UU, attending the Boulder UU Church in his youth, as well as both First Unitarian and First Universalist churches as a young adult, during which time he was also an RA on the UU 9th Grade Trip seven times. Craig joined JUC with his wife and three young children in 1999, and has been active and involved since, with stints on most of the three letter acronyms (LNC, COM, BOT) and the ministerial internship committee, and taught Sunday School as well. He also was a member of the Ministerial Search Committee that brought Wendy Williams to JUC as Senior Minister in 2011, a process that also deepened his own connections with JUC. Craig’s pesky day job is as a statistician doing consulting for electric and gas utilities, but he plans to retire sometime in the next few years. He enjoys live theater, watching soccer, music, museums of all types, and travel.

Nominations for Leadership Nominating Committee

Linda Lauer
Linda and her husband Greg joined JUC in 2018. They have a son, two daughters, and three very young granddaughters. Linda retired from teaching high school in 2012. In a former UU congregation, Linda led the worship team and directed new member classes. She attended the weeklong UU sponsored Russell Lockwood Leadership training in 2013. At JUC Linda participates in Family Promise and is enjoying her involvement in a Going Deeper group. She is anxious for a post-COVID world and looking forward to getting more involved with JUC on the Leadership Nominating Committee.

Katie Wheeler
Raised in Wheat Ridge, Katie attended a Presbyterian church during her formative years. Later as a single parent, she was searching for a church that more closely aligned with her more open values. Thank goodness for Len Wheeler, who introduced her to JUC, where she joined in 1990 after attending just once. Shortly thereafter Len and Katie were married at JUC in the presence of his four children, her one child, plus family and friends. Katie will be forever grateful to the youth who welcomed her then 13-year old into their fold during a Fall Family Retreat. Katie’s volunteer activities include holding a variety of leadership positions, being active in Family Promise, enjoying greeting, and most recently and very challenging, teaching RE via Zoom.  She is happily retired, first from nursing, and then from working in a clock shop.

Will Cheever
Will and his family joined JUC in 2017. Originally from Portland, Oregon he and his wife are the proud parents of three growing UU children. He has enjoyed sharing an exploration of the faith with his children by teaching RE classes and JUC Camping and Retreat trips. Will is an Architect with a firm in Denver focusing on Commercial and Multifamily communities. He also volunteers with the City of Arvada’s Design Review Committee and is a Licensed Foster Parent.

Nominations for Endowment and Memorial Gift Trust Directors

Kathy Bassett
Kathleen Madigan Bassett grew up in Buffalo , New York, where she earned her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Education and Reading. She settled in Colorado in 1978. Throughout her career, Kathy taught numerous classes on and off campus for classroom and reading teachers. Kathy served as Principal of Berkeley Gardens Elementary School, loving her interaction with kids, a multiracial community, and much to accomplish. Kathy married her husband Mike Bassett, also a JUC member. At JUC, Kathy  sings with the choir, facilitates Going Deeper Groups, and contributes to Family Promise. She has been a member of JUC since 2017.

Sherry Agard
Sherry grew up in southern California but migrated to Wyoming for her bachelor’s degree in geology and then to Colorado for her Master’s degree. Colorado has been her home since 1974. Sherry joined JUC in 1993 when she was looking for her first “adult” spiritual home that would align with her science and environmental background. She introduced her adopted daughter to JUC in 1995, where the JUC “village” could help nurture her. In her early days with JUC, Sherry worked as an editor for the JUC newsletter and helped streamline the process with templates. She served on the JUC Retreat committee in 2012 and 2015 and has assisted with Memorial Receptions. She joined the JUC choir in 2012 and also participates with the By Your Side Singers. Sherry has worked as geologist for the USGS, provided computer support to private companies and public schools, processed disability claims with the VA, and tutored students at Community College of Denver. She retired in 2018 and looks forward to diversifying her participation at JUC.

Nominations for Shared Mission Team (this Team is Board appointed and does not require congregational approval)

Linda Grantham
Linda has lived in Colorado since 1964. Raised in a Christian church in New Mexico, Linda became unchurched when she left home. A member of JUC since 2000, Linda has participated in a myriad of groups, activities and classes. She has served as Fellowship Chair, Cook Team leader, Chalice Circle facilitator (and participant), CRE committee, and overnight host for Family Promise. She is  currently a member of the Memorial Reception team. Some of Linda’s favorite programming at JUC has been the Building Your Own Theology classes, Reflections on Race, and Leadership Training.

Philippe Marquis
Philippe has been attending JUC since 2002. His interest in men’s issues in the UU community led him to help organize two multi-congregational conferences in 2010 and 2012 hosted by JUC. His wife, Ann-Marie, formed JUC’s SOUPs program in 2004. They raised their two daughters, Summer and Autumn, now 18 and 15, respectively, at JUC. He and his wife have played numerous contributing roles at JUC since joining. Philippe is a licensed professional counselor and addiction specialist. He is co-owner of a mental health counseling agency (National Institute for Change) that serves court and child welfare involved clients, with a specialty in domestic violence intervention. He has been involved in the helping and human services professions since 1995. He is a passionate trial runner, camper, and lover of the outdoors.

Pam Moser
Pam grew up in Thornton attending Catholic schools, a history that has her firmly grounded in the importance of a church community. She joined JUC in 2015 when she moved to Arvada. She has one son in Thornton, and 4 beautiful grandchildren who don’t share a shed of DNA, but are firmly entrenched in her heart. She is retired from a variety of jobs, most notably a long stint as a computer programmer in the travel industry. She now enjoys an assortment of classes, volunteering opportunities, and visits with friends. Her work with hospice is especially meaningful and has made a significant impact on how she sees the world. She recently joined the Pastoral Committee acting as a Connector. She has been challenged by facilitating a Going Deeper group, and heartened by the friends she has made there.