Because it is unsafe to meet in person due to the pandemic, last spring the JUC Board of Trustees adopted Emergency Bylaws (found at the bottom of this page). Accordingly, the 2020 Fall Congregational Meeting will not be held. The State of the Church information, normally part of the Fall meeting is presented in video format. In addition, the Board has a proposal for Bylaws changes on which Members will vote by electronic or mail-in ballots.

State of the Church
The Fall meeting is the time when we share the State of the Church. We would really love to do this in person, but because we are not able to meet, please watch the video message below from Rev. Wendy Williams, Senior Minister and Case Collard, President of the Board of Trustees. Please email questions or comments to

Bylaws Information Sessions
Proposed bylaws changes are detailed below, and the following online information sessions will be held so you can ask questions and get more information:

How to Vote
You may vote in one of the following ways:

Only members who joined no later than November 6 may vote. Voting eligibility will be verified by the JUC office, so your name must appear on the ballot to be counted. We must receive 117 ballots in order to achieve a quorum for the vote. Your vote must be received by 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 6 to be counted.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments
The following is a summary of the proposed amendments and changes:

1. Amendments to Article VI (Congregational Meetings) and related voting references.

  • Expand access to congregational meetings by permitting members to attend virtually/remotely.
  • Permit members to take action by written ballot without a congregational meeting.  
  • Use the term “written ballots” to refer to ballots submitted online, in person, or by mail, email or other means.  The term “absentee ballot” is no longer used.
  • Permit written ballots to be counted in establishing a quorum.  The percentage required for a quorum (15%) remains the same.
  • Streamline procedure for calling special congregational meetings.

2. Minor Updates and Clean-up Modifications.

  • Remove gender-based pronouns. 
  • Remove references to Standing Rules.
  • Remove footnotes related to previous Bylaws modifications, including references to a Board Vice President.  
  • Replace the term “Executive” with “Senior Minister.”
  • Permit Board members to share the task of recording meeting minutes at Board meetings and to select Board executives prior to July 1.
  • Remove Article XII – Councils, Standing Committees and Task Forces. 

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

In addition, the following documents are available for review:

Current Bylaws, dated May 22, 2016

Proposed revised version of the Bylaws, if approved

Marked copy comparing the 2016 version of the Bylaws to the 2020 proposed revised version

Questions can be sent to

Emergency Bylaws
Section 7: Congregational Vote when In-Person Gathering is Prohibited

In the event that a congregational meeting that includes a vote would be detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the congregation, the following rules shall apply:

Notice of the upcoming vote will be mailed or sent electronically at least three (3) weeks prior to the deadline for voting.

  1. Official ballots will be sent or posted to the Jefferson Unitarian Church website at least one (1) week before the deadline to vote.
  2. All members and youth members who have signed the membership book at least thirty (30) days prior to the deadline on the ballot are eligible to vote. Ballots will include voters’ names, and eligibility shall be verified by church staff.
  3. For the purposes of this type of vote, a quorum is defined as a return of electronic or mail-in ballots by at least fifteen (15) percent of the Jefferson Unitarian Church Members by the deadline listed.

This section of the Jefferson Unitarian Bylaws was enacted by the Board of Trustees on April 23, 2020. It was done in accordance with Colorado State law regarding the governance of non-profit organizations in response to the emergency created by the COVID-19 virus. It will remain in effect until such time as Colorado residents are permitted to gather in groups large enough to accommodate a regular congregational meeting. At that point, unless the congregation votes to permanently incorporate this section into the Jefferson Unitarian Church Bylaws, it will no longer be valid.