Jefferson Unitarian Church is holding its 24th annual Holiday Craft Faire December 6 & 7, 2019.   Last year’s faire had over $28 thousand in sales. 

Your table fee includes the table or table space and electricity and up to 2 chairs per table.  We will accept applications until all spaces are sold, so we urge you to get your application in early, even if you are non-member, to avoid any waiting lists.   

Important policies to remember:

  • No tables will be confirmed until the table fee  and your sales code have been received.
  • JUC members and friends get preference until October  20, but non-members can apply at any time and will be assigned space on a first received/first assigned basis after Nov 10.
  • All sales are paid at a central finance table.
  • JUC DOES NOT collect tax for crafters – please ensure your pricing reflects a grand total to be collected at the central finance table.
  • 20% of all gross sales go to JUC and crafters are paid 80% of their total sales.  Money is collected at a central finance table and your 80% share will be sent to you within 2 weeks.

This is not a juried show. We will accept crafters on a first come, first served basis. Though JUC members and pledging friends are given preference on applications received before October 20, all crafters are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.  Deadline for non-members is November 10. In order to ensure a variety of options for our customers, we reserve the right to limit the number of booths with similar products.

Crafters may contact Nancy Bolt 303 642 0338 or  or Chris Sealy at 303 587 3234 or 


Set Up: Thursday, December 5, 3 – 8 p.m. There is NO set up on Friday morning.

Sale Hours: Friday, December 6, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Saturday, December 7, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Vendor Take Down: Saturday, December 7, 4 – 6 p.m. NO early strikes.

Application Deadlines

JUC members/pledging friends receive preference until October 20, 2019.   Deadline for all applications is November 10.  Applications will be accepted until all spaces have been filled, so get your application in early, even if you are not a JUC member or pledging friend.

Table Cost

Card table: $20

6 ft table: $30

12 ft table: $50

The fee includes the table(s) or table space, electricity, and chairs.  Two tables maximum per vendor.  


All crafts are acceptable, both original and resale, and we have found items reasonably priced sell well. We particularly encourage new crafts people to participate.  There is no jury and thus no jury fee. Please note the following restrictions:

  • No sales of food ready to be eaten (conflicts with our bake sale).  Sealed foods such as jams, spices, and herbs are OK and must be paid for at the finance table.
  • No sale of flea market or used objects.  All goods sold must be new.
  • No sale of marijuana or marijuana type products.
  • No sales that take orders for future services or goods unless they are pre-paid at the finance table.
  • No playing of music unless through head phones that only the potential buyer can hear.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any craft or craft type.

Sales Code

Please mark all of your items with the price and your sales code.  This is not optional.  This code allows the Finance Table to accurately post sales to the proper crafter.  If you do not already have an approved code, please use the first 3 letters of your last name and the first letter of your first name.  (Joe Smith’s code would be SMIJ.) Do Not Use Numbers as your code; it gets confused with the price. Enter your craft code on the application form that you return to JUC.   If two or more people are sharing a table and each wants a separate check from JUC for their sales, then there MUST be a code for each person.  Your application will not be accepted without this code.  If your items are not individually marked, they cannot be processed at the sales table.   NO new codes will be accepted during set-up and failure to properly mark items or use inaccurate codes will result in unaccounted transactions and non-payment of your sales.

Set-up and Tear-down

The JUC Holiday Craft Faire staff will be at church beginning at 3pm on Thursday, December 5 to show you your assigned table so that you can set up.  If you need electricity, you may want to bring an extension cord since some of the table spaces may be 6 to 8 feet from the outlet.  You will also need to provide a table covering. All crafters must arrive to set up by 7pm on Thursday or your table space will be given to a crafter on the waiting list.  If you will be arriving after 7 p.m., please call Nancy Bolt at 303-905-9347 or Chris Sealy at 303-587-3234. All set-up must be completed by 8 p.m. You may finalize set-up on Friday morning, but no set-up is allowed on Friday, December 1.  Tear down of your booth cannot begin until 4 p.m. on Saturday and must be completed by 6 p.m.


The Church will publicize the Craft Faire heavily among church members with articles or a flyer in every church newsletter, and listing in the Sunday Service program.  A banner will be placed in front of the church. Flyers will be posted in businesses in the Applewood area and on street corners around the church. You can help with publicity.  We will send all crafters an electronic flyer to be distributed and postcards you can mail to friends.  If you have a mailing list of customers, send them the craft faire flyer or card or design one of your own. The flyers and postcards will be sent to you at the beginning of November. The more we publicize the Faire, the more people come, and the more sales we all have.

Table staffing

Crafters are strongly encouraged to be at their table as much as possible.  We find crafts sell better when the crafter can smile and explain the work. However, because there is a central finance table, you do not have to be at your table all the hours the Faire is open.


Bake sale items will be available for purchase all day on Friday and Saturday.  Lunch will be available for purchase on Friday and Saturday. Free evening reception Saturday with light refreshments.


All payment for all items will be made at a central finance table, except for lunches and the bake sale. The church collects the money, deducts 20% for the church, and sends a check to all crafters within 2 weeks of the faire.  The church credit card machine will be available to increase sales. 


The church does not collect sales tax.  It is your responsibility as the crafter to price your product to include any taxes you wish to charge.  If you want to track sales for tax purposes, you may do so on your own, but all sales will still need to be processed at the central finance table.

Security and Liability

Someone will be present in the craft sale area at all times the tables are set up except overnight when the church will be locked.  In the past there has been little theft of craft items. However, the church cannot accept any liability for any losses.

Special Children’s Market   

There will be a special time for children to buy presents for their family on Saturday morning.  We ask you to provide items priced between 50 cents and $10 for a special buying area. This is not a donation.  You will get paid for them through the finance table and any unsold items will be returned to you. We will collect items on Friday evening. 


Contact Nancy Bolt at 303-642-0338 or or Chris Sealy at 303-587-3234 or