Auction Donation Ideas

The following are items that are always popular. A great rule of thumb is to think of something you love to do, or are good at doing, pick a date… then ask others to join you.
JUCers are always up for a good party! In analyzing auction sales over the years we’ve found that items such as those listed are the “best sellers!”

This year’s auction event will be earlier than before (3-5pm) so consider hosting a supper or happy hour right after the event to keep the party going!

Family Game Night
Wine tasting
Parties for children
Movie nights
Sports outings
Guided hikes
Themed Dinners
Lecture outings

Computer support
Dog training
Tailoring or custom sewing
Financial planning

Themed gift baskets or kits
Sewing basket
Craft basket
Relaxation Basket
Honeymoon or Anniversary Basket
1st Apartment Basket
Pet Basket
Game Night Basket
Scrapbooking Basket
Holiday Gift Basket
New Baby Basket
Wedding Basket
Car Cleaning Basket
Gardening Basket

Cooking Art
Photography Crafts

Gift Certificates
Restaurants Theaters/Cultural Centers Spas
Auto Repair Museums or the zoo
Ski Resorts
Sports Events
Retail Stores
Specialty Boutiques
Golf Courses
Recreation or Fitness Centers
Bed And Breakfasts

Handmade items
Baked goods
Time in your condo or your country home for a weekend getaway

Submit donations using the form below.

For all donation questions, contact Patti Coe-Withington at (303) 596-1130 or

Items will be entered into the event calendar below the donation form once they have been received and approved. Please check your proposed time/date against potential conflicts before submitting your event.