Beloved Community Week 2: Where love grows beyond boundaries

Throughout our abundant lives, we can find simple and quick ways to connect our learning and growth at church to our lives at home. 
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At Church: 

We learned that our Unitarian Universalist faith is an expansive one.  For example, instead of thinking about church as a family, what if we thought of our congregation as a community of communities?  How can this way of thinking grow our love beyond previous boundaries and help us build a more inclusive and welcoming Beloved Community at JUC?

Morning Time:

Social Justice Body Prayer or Mindful Moments with Lea

Consider these words by Elizabeth Gilbert ~ “To be fully seen by somebody, and then loved anyhow—that is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”

Drive Time:

Listen to: One Love by Bob Marley (UNICEF world version)

Weekly Chalice Lighting:

With humility and courage born of our history, we are called as Unitarian Universalists to build the Beloved Community where all souls are welcome as blessings, and the human family lives whole and reconciled. With this vision in our hearts and minds, we light our chalice. ~UUA Leadership Council

Meal Time: 

Discuss: How does it feel to care for or love another person, like your parent or guardian, like a friend or a pet?  How does it feel to be cared for or loved by someone?

Bed Time:

Read: It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr

Family Time:

Watch the Oscar-winning short film, Hair Love from Matthew A. Cherry.

Blessing of Beloved Community

May we grant one another dignity, even in disagreement, even in disappointment, even in disgrace, for dignity builds the beloved community.

May we be honest with ourselves and with one another, for hard truths, new truths, and shared truths build the beloved community.

May we relate to one another with respect for the stories, customs, wishes, rights, and feelings that make us who we are, for this regard builds the beloved community.

May we grow kindness in our hearts, even and especially when we feel mean or resentful, for loving compassion builds the beloved community.

May we practice humility, shedding ego and moving humbly in the Light of the Holy that inhabits all, for this quiet strength builds the beloved community.

In our diversity of thought, personality, approach, background, body, upbringing, experience, and every other expression of life-force among humanity, may we hold one another in our commitment to create the future we need and want together–the dream manifest, the beloved community.

-Teresa Honey Youngblood

Monthly Meditations

Social Justice Body Prayer

From Deep Fun 

Centering: I invite you to move into our meditation position. Sit comfortably in your chair or stand on the floor. Put your hands on your lap or at your side. Focus your eyes in front of you. Find your breath moving in your body by taking in one breath through your nose and then slowly breathing it out through your mouth. 

Now: Reach down to get power from the grassroots (touch your toes) Reach up to the sky for inspiration (reach your arms up in the air) Stomp out injustice (stomp feet on the floor) Move in the winds of change (with arms out to your side twist your torso from left to right)” Repeat with a faster pace and repeat until you can’t go any faster

Mindful Moments with Lea BELOVED COMMUNITY

NOTE ABOUT THIS MONTH’S SONG: Lea’s first verse of Part of Me is “Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, All are Part of Me.” Use these words for the metric, and as a “zipper song” to create a song that is all inclusive. In other words, ask the children who is in their family and sing it, i.e. “Momma, Mother, Stuart, Autumn” or “Katie, Mark, Big Jade plant, Dogger” or “Grandma, Aunt Bell, Norah, Carol.” If there are only two people, add pets, plants, and other things they love!  It may be easier to recite names of family members rather than roles. 

  • Remind the children about the importance of calming ourselves so we can better focus on each other and our time together.
  • Tell them that a special friend named Lea has written a song for us to learn and it is a song that teaches us about the importance of this month’s theme: Stillness.
  • Since you are using the 4-minute (longer version) video, tell the kids that we are going to sing along with Lea and her children and then listen to their conversation. Tell them that afterwards you will have your own conversation.
  • Center the children before playing the video.
  • After the video talk and listen with your child to discover all the things you heard together.