Attention Week 2: Paying Attention to Who I Am

Throughout our abundant lives, we can find simple and quick ways to connect our learning and growth at church to our lives at home.

At Church:

We focused our attention on the beauty of our own unique identities- UU 1st principle 

Morning Time:

Consider this thought by Rev Theresa I. Soto

There is no more time for pretending that everything can be all right without your care, without your attention.

Drive Time:

Listen to: You Gotta Be 

Meal Time: 

Talk about: What makes each member of your family beautiful and unique. How did you get your name? Have you ever felt invisible? What helps you feel seen?

Bed Time:

Read: The Boy and the Bindi, Alma and How She Got Her Name, The Invisible Boy

Family Time:

Play charades choosing books, movies, or TV shows that say something about you.