Rev. Robert T. Latham - Minister Emeritus

Champions by Choice

We are enamored of champions because they seem to have something we don’t have. But that impression is false. As individuals, each of us has the capacity to be a champion. As a religious institution we have the same capacity.

The Jewel in the Garbage Can

We seek to live with nobility hoping that our life will contribute to human good. However, history may seem indifferent to our intentions. Sometimes what we intend as good turns into bad. And sometimes what we see as bad will turn into good. The smaller lesson is that we don’t have complete control over the … Continued

Give a Little Whistle

On the cover of the Unitarian Universalist World magazine was the picture of a white clapboard church building with a sign out front that read: We Don’t Do Guilt Sunday Service 10:30 It might be true that they had a service at 10:30 on Sundays. But it was not true that they did not do … Continued

The Camel Who Wanted Horns

We normally focus on love as the message of the modern prophet, Martin Luther King, Jr. But he also suggested that to forgive was the highest form of love. There always comes that moment in life when we are offered the choice to act with vengeance or act with forgiveness toward someone we perceive has … Continued