Emily Conger - Intern Minister

Sacred Journeys

What can we learn from engaging our whole bodies on this journey through life? When we fully live into an experience, we might just gain a deeper sense of empathy and understanding. This will be Emily’s last service as intern minister at Jefferson Unitarian Church.

Stand Up: Children’s Music Service

Stand Up explores the theme of risk: finding the courage to take action in the face of adversity, to speak out in the presence of injustice, to choose compassion over hate, and to risk one’s personal security to companion another. This service features songs and scenes presented by the children and youth of Jefferson Unitarian … Continued

Ally is a Verb

Being a Unitarian Universalist calls us to not just claim a label, but to act, reflect, and grow. Allyship is similar. To be an ally, one must move beyond the title and live into what it means to take risks, keep learning, and showing up.

Christmas Morning Service

Our single service on Sunday morning will be interactive and held in the chapel.

Resistance and Resilience

In the wake of the election, we will hear stories and poetry from many people about moving through challenging times. What can we gain from hearing stories of resistance and resilience?


Grief is a process. We will take the opportunity to pause and remember loved ones who have died. Please bring a small picture or object that reminds you of them.

Worth and Work

On this Labor Day, we will explore how we find value and meaning in our lives through vocations and beyond.

Choose to Bless the World

Using Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker’s poem of the same title, we will explore our connectedness and the call to bless the world.