What is your North Star? That thing the Urban Dictionary describes is “constant and dependable in a changing world.”
Our Sunday morning worship services in July and August will feature nine of our members who have wrestled with that question and are willing to share their answer.
Everyday life is entangling. Have you noticed? Obligations and routines tend to consume our days. Often, our living can seem goal-oriented. We are doing what needs to get done – feeding the beings in our house, getting everyone off to school or work, paying bills, making meals, exercising, getting to bed – and getting up and doing it again the next day. And then there are moments we wonder what it’s all about. Is this all there is? It doesn’t feel purposeful or meaningful. There is a hollowness to all our doing.
Sometimes the hollowness awakens a yearning to get out of the tangle and find clarity and meaning. Other times something derails us — a job loss, a divorce, a death, a troubled child — from going through the motions and the familiar patterns of our life. What then? What sustains? Upon what do we set our sights to chart our course anew?
The ancient answer was the North Star. Once that was found, explorers and wanderers were oriented to the world around them. That alone was calming and possibility-creating.
So it is with the metaphorical North Star. That is, finding the value or quality that orients our life when we are lost in the tangle.
Happily, excitedly, gratefully, nine of our members have agreed to wrestle with that notion and share their answers with us during Sunday morning worship services in July and August. Eric and I will reflect on their response and the tie to Unitarian Universalism. Through it all we will steep ourselves in our stories and our theology. In so doing, I believe, we will find what Ann Lamott wrote about as the reason she made her son attend church when he was a boy. ” I want to give him what I have found in the world, which is to say a path and a little light to see by.”
May it be so that we remind each other to look for, be guided by, and offer each other the story of the North Star that gives us a little extra light to see by.