The Challenge of the Build

In one of our hymns, we sing “We are building a new way.” The song fits with our tradition’s sensibility that we are capable of building the world of which we dream. It is worth examining some of the challenges to the build.

In Tension

EB White spoke of being torn between the desire to save or savor the world. Life is full of moments that ask us to choose, but sometimes the greatest calling is to live in the tension, instead of resolving it too soon.

Long Hauls

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Lao Tzu told us more than two milenia ago. What else is reguired for a long journey?

Champions by Choice

We are enamored of champions because they seem to have something we don’t have. But that impression is false. As individuals, each of us has the capacity to be a champion. As a religious institution we have the same capacity.