Ally is a Verb

Being a Unitarian Universalist calls us to not just claim a label, but to act, reflect, and grow. Allyship is similar. To be an ally, one must move beyond the title and live into what it means to take risks, keep learning, and showing up.


Years ago I came across a powerful set of interviews with people about the connection between what they carried in their lunchboxes and how the world saw them. Lunchbox moments were when the lines were clearly drawn of insiders and outsiders. Our identity is not merely who we are, it’s what was given to us, … Continued

Who Do You Think You Are?

We’ve all been asked the question at times in our lives “Who do you think you are?” But usually it’s not meant in a kind or caring way. It’s a kind of verbal attack that implies you’ve gone way astray from your lane. But the question itself is a powerful one. Who DO you think … Continued