Evergreen 1

Dear Members and Friends,

Deepen, Connect, and Engage is a port of entry for many people resistant to traditional doctrinal religions and those who want to live lives of meaning and purpose. In the last few years, the Board of Trustees and staff have worked closely to align systems and structures with the reality that our church is a progressive home for the liberal spirit and that we are capable of becoming “a religion for our time,” as Peter Morales so often said. We have an obligation to grow. We must find ways to do so in the context of the massive changes occurring in faith formation across America today. This is a unique time in which Unitarian Universalists can provide a haven for those wanting to live ethical lives of meaning, wrestle life’s big questions, as well as make a difference in the world.

Five years ago the Evergreen campus was formed with the goal to grow our church and Unitarian Universalism. The Board and I thought it appropriate to pause at this point to reflect upon what we have learned along the way. We concluded that we need to employ a new strategy to expand our ministry’s reach to a broader group of seekers than we are able to attract with this campus model. That strategy must include a more effective use of our limited resources.

Thus, we will no longer hold services at the Jefferson Unitarian Evergreen Campus after June 30, 2017. The Evergreen Campus Team was informed last month and a gathering was held April 30 in Evergreen to answer questions, plan worship through June, and discuss support of Small Groups.

In turn, we will begin livestreaming our services in September. In so doing, we will reach out to the folks who regularly attended the Evergreen campus and other seekers so that they may gather in each other’s homes for worship. We will also be looking to capitalize on new technology pathways to better serve you through adult education classes among other things.

In closing, let me note that closing this campus is in no way indicative of failure. Numbers of mountain residents found (or rediscovered) Unitarian Universalism and made valuable connections with each other and our congregation. Further, we learned things we simply could not have learned had we not pursued this path. Finally, we can all be proud that this church has long been and continues to be bold in its efforts to live into its mission and broaden its impact.