Connectors serve as the JUC point of contact for a church member or friend experiencing an acute stressful situation in their life. Connectors provide emotional support and coordinate logistical support with things like meals, rides and loaner medical equipment.

Connectors Log

Qualities of the Ideal Connector:

  • A good listener and a sensitive person who respects healthy confidentiality
  • Serves the Connectee, and is not seeking an audience for their own life stories
  • Does not pass judgment on the Connectee
  • Listens with empathy, and does not try to offer solutions to the Connectee’s problems
  • Is not a counselor, but does keep his or her ears open for bigger issues that could require referral to a minister
  • Checks in regularly with the Connectee for as long as the person needs the support

Caring Visitors

Pastoral Care 3Our Caring Visitors Program Guide offers an explanation of the Caring Program and many helpful resources, whether you are one of our associates, or just want to be a better companion.

Caring Visitors Log

General Resources

Read our handbook for pastoral care here.
If you are a pastoral care volunteer at Jefferson Unitarian Church, you can find our additional resource files here.