Sunday, May 21 – 12:30 p.m. – Golden Campus Sanctuary

Please plan to attend! Light lunch will be available for a donation and child care is provided.

Agenda items will include:

  • 2016-17 Annual Report;
  • Introduction of 2017-18 lay leaders;
  • Elect three (3) Board Trustees (nominees for 3-year terms: Pam Bond, Tom Goodreid, Paula Reed);
  • Elect two (2) Leadership Nominating Committee members (nominees for 3-year terms: Jane Keen, Mary Anne Schiff);
  • Elect two (2) Endowment and Memorial Gift Trust Directors (nominees for 3-year terms: Pat Emery, Mike Kramer);
  • Approve 2017-18 annual operating budget: Proposed Operating Budget Summary

Friends and newcomers are welcome to attend and will be given the courtesy of the floor, but only members who have signed the Membership Book no later than April 21 may vote.

Absentee Ballots will be available from the church office by Friday, May 5 and are due back no later than 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 18. A 15% quorum is necessary to conduct the business of this meeting; absentee ballots will not count toward this quorum.
No budget forums will be held. Please contact Carol Wilsey directly at 303-279-5282 with any questions about the budget process or the proposed budget.
Bios for Board Trustee nominees:
Pam Bond
Pam grew up in the neighborhood and at Applewood Valley Methodist Church. She studied and worked in Washington State, British Columbia, Oregon, Wyoming, Texas and eventually Hawaii as an educator, administrator and counselor before returning home to be with aging parents. She joined JUC in 2003. She first helped Miss Vickie in teaching preschool and eventually became the RE Assistant under Ashley Johnson. She has participated in small groups and led a Chalice Circle, too. Pam attended as many adult religions education classes/workshops as possible and, when there were few, she joined the LEAP committee. She eventually served as co-chair of the Being UU committee during a time of great change. She’s looking forward to retiring in September and doing more reading, traveling, volunteering and attending classes and workshops at JUC.
Tom Goodreid
Thomas Goodreid joined JUC sixteen years ago. He has taught religious education classes, served coffee, ushered, worked on community service projects, and for the past two years, completed the Board term of a trustee who resigned. This past year, Tom was the Board vice-president. Tom is an attorney who, in his spare time enjoys reading, motorcycling, and keeping tabs on his two children, one an adult and the other a junior at Lakewood High School.
Paula Reed
Paula’s family attended JUC when she was in elementary and junior high, and she returned as an adult member in 1998. Since then she has participated in church musicals and taught children’s religious education classes. She has also served on numerous committees, including two search committees and chairing the Committee on Ministry twice. Paula is currently a teacher of at-risk students at Columbine High School as well as an author and teachers’ union activist.
LNC Nominees: 
Jane Keen
Jane Keen joined JUC in 2001 and at Annie Hedberg’s urging, soon joined the Membership Committee. Jane has served on the Committee on Ministry and has enjoyed working with the Auction Committee for the past five years. Most recently she co-chaired the Year Round Pledge Campaign. Jane retired from teaching and school administration several years ago. She enjoys her adult children, her eight grandchildren, traveling, OLLI classes and volunteering with the Lumberg Reading Club.
Mary Anne Schiff
Mary Anne Schiff has been a member of JUC since 2007 after having been active In several other UU churches. She has served on the Membership and Pastoral Care Committees and co-chaired the Fellowship committee. She was part of the Committee on Ministry and this past year finished the last year of Ellen Evancheck’s term on LNC. Mary Anne has two adult sons and five grandchildren and so travels often to Alaska and Massachusetts.
EMGT Nominees: 
Pat Emery
Pat Emery joined JUC in 1985, with her husband, Keith, and two young children. She soon became active in Membership, Family Ministry, Long Range Planning, Board of Trustees, the Ministerial Search Committee, and other areas of our ministry until she became our first Volunteer Coordinator on staff in 2001. She served in that capacity and as an office assistant until 2005. Since then, she has volunteered in Denominational Connections, attending the UUA’s General Assembly for many years, and served on the Social Responsibility Council, the Stewardship Council and the Year Round Pledge team. Pat is currently active in the Science and Spirit Discussion group, sings with the Choir and with Sophia’s Journey, and coordinates the Scrip Program fundraiser for accessibility projects.
Mike Kramer
Mike and wife Beth joined JUC in 2002, finding a spiritual home in UU principles and values. Mike’s first love at JUC was teaching Neighboring Faiths and ethics for ten years to our six graders. He chaired JUC’s Stewardship Council, led several annual fund drives, and worked with a team to implement the Year-Round Pledge. He now supports planned giving and Legacy Circle. Mike retired from Lockheed Martin as an attorney in the Denver operations in satellites and launch vehicles. Mike loves Arizona in the winter, traveling, philosophy, jogging, gardening and the movies.