JUC Leaders Want to Know …

Reserve meeting space

Meeting rooms can be reserved for any church sponsored activities by clicking on the Calendar tab and selecting the Calendar & Meeting Room Request Form.

Reserve an information table for Sunday

A limited number of tables are available for use by activity leaders. Send an email to Beth Leyba, Congregation Connections Coordinator, stating the name of your activity and the dates a table is needed. Some Sundays, you might be able to get more than one table, if you ask. If you need to be near an electrical outlet or have other needs, please include this in your request. Tables will be assigned by the windows until that area is full. Once full, social justice-related tables will be assigned to the tables in front of the SRC bulletin board. Please do not add additional furniture or accessories that add to the footprint of your information table.

JUC Communication Channels

The Crier (newsletter), JUCeAlert, Facebook, the Friday email, Sunday projected slides and the Order of Service are communication channels available to all church sponsored activities. See the Communications Guide on the Policies and Procedures page for details.

What social media resources are there for UUs?

Click here is a directory of all the UU labs on Facebook.

List of UU Twitter hashtags

Leadership selection

Formal leaders of the church are nominated by the Leadership Nominating Committee .Leaders of the Board of Trustees, Leadership Nominating Committee (LNC) and the Endowment and Memorial Gift Trust (EMGT) are elected by the congregation at one of our two congregational meetings . Other leaders are nominated by LNC and then approved by the Board (Committee on Ministry, Council Chairs, pledge campaign and auction committee chairs). Varying lengths of membership tenure are required for LNC-nominated leaders.

Leaders for other activities are determined from within their committees.


Fund activities

Programming funds are coordinated by the staff in conjunction with our program ministries. The budget process begins early in the calendar year with budget proposals generally due in March.

Submitting a Fundraising Request

All fundraisers must be sponsored by a JUC committee and approved by the business administrator. Download and complete a fundraiser application and send it to Carol Wilsey.

Applying for a Grant

JUC’s endowments often provide grants for special projects and groups within the church. The Endowment & Memorial Gift Trust (EMGT) has a regular annual cycle for applications and they are typically due in February for the next church year (July-June).

Policy and Procedure Changes

Make a change in the Bylaws

Changes to the Bylaws of the congregation must be submitted to the Board of Trustees and approved by the congregation. See Article XIX – Amendment of Bylaws in the Bylaws for the specific process to follow.

Make a change in the Standing Rules

Changes to the standing rules generally come up through the councils or staff as they tend to impact how we conduct our business and implement our programs. Standing rule changes are submitted to the Board for approval. Changes to program ministry policies can be submitted to the staff for consideration. It is a good practice to consult committees/teams and staff of the impacted area of the congregation before submitting the change to the Board or the staff.

Make a change in our Procedures

Changes to policies and procedures within an activity happen throughout the year. We are all best served when these changes are discussed with the committee, group or task force proposing the change or setting the procedure and then submit it to the staff member responsible for the respective program area. Full disclosure of changes, additions and deletions to our procedures allow for open discussion. Through this, we discover redundancy or conflict in our current policies that might not be readily apparent.

Helpful Links

Church Office Contact Info

Policies and Procedures

JUC Activity Plan

Information Tables Schedule



Building Use

Being Green

New Activities

There are a few different ways that new activities can be started.

Social justice activities are coordinated within the Social Responsibility Council, made up of task forces initiated by passionate JUC members.   To create a task force, interested members must complete and submit a task force application to the Social Responsibility Council when they are solicited in the spring.   Requirements for task forces and the process for submitting the application are included in the Standing Rules and Policies of the Social Responsibility Council.

Programming that is not social justice related falls within our Program Ministry. Most activities within our Program Ministries are initiated within one the staff-led programming teams. It is best to work within a program team to develop new activity ideas. If you are not sure which team might be the best fit for the type of activity you are interested in, contact the church office.

There are several volunteer-led affinity groups at JUC. Click here for the current list.

Denominational Connections

Annual District Meeting

Jefferson Unitarian Church is a member congregation of the Mountain Desert District and eligible to send up to 15 delegates to the annual meeting on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Any JUC member in good standing is eligible to serve as a delegate. If you are interested in nominating yourself to serve at the meeting, complete the form below. Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you have completed the form.

Delegate Nomination Form

Please submit your nomination by March 1. JUC nominations will be considered by the Board of Trustees at their March meeting. You will be notified by email whether your nomination has been approved.

The event registration form will be available at this link: mdduua.org/annual-meeting

Delegates are responsible for submitting their individual registration materials and paying any costs associated with attending the event. One does not have to serve as a delegate to attend this event.

Contact: Carol Wilsey, Administrator