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Board Buzz
By Tom Goodreid
On Saturday, March 6, 2016, seven members of the Board and members of the staff met with the congregation at the first “Board Buzz” of 2016. The topic of the meeting was an update on policy governance. More specifically, the forum focused on how the change to policy governance has made a difference so far and on what is in store for the future.
The presentation, led by Board members Lisa Bickford and Jon Hassinger, reminded everyone what policy governance is and how it works. Jon and Lisa noted that the Board has defined congregational values, identified the Church’s moral ownership, and reviewed the mission. The Board has also created drafts of strategic outcomes and of limitations. Moreover, the Board is in the process of finalizing draft policies, establishing monitoring reports, and proposing technical amendments to the bylaws so that they conform to policy governance.
Lisa and Jon then went on to discuss how the change to policy governance already has made a difference at JUC. These Board members went through the newly streamlined decision making process, the programmatic alignment to strategic outcomes in areas such as small group ministry and Being UU. They also discussed the “leadership incubator group” launched by the Board in order to innovate and experiment with what may be the future of leadership as a spiritual practice at JUC.
Finally, the presentation focused on the next steps such as the Board chartering a team to assist in developing a process to discern the shared mission and ministry, and developing a process for the congregation to provide input on policies and strategic outcomes. The Buzz attendees then broke out into smaller groups to discuss various questions of common interest before reuniting in the whole to share observations and insights. The next Board Buzz(es) are planned for later this spring in order to address the proposed bylaws changes and highlights of the next proposed JUC budget  in advance of the congregation-wide meeting in late May.