There are 45 congregations in the Mountain Desert District (MDD), spreading over the second largest geographic district in the UUA. These states include Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, and parts of Idaho, Nebraska, and Texas. As one of the larger congregations in the district, we are allotted eight delegates to the annual MDD meeting and five delegates to General Assembly.

The Boulder Denver Cluster is a group of seven Unitarian Universalist congregations in the Denver and Boulder metro area. The cluster includes lay leaders along with representatives of the Front Range UU Ministers Association. With support from the Mountain Desert District, the cluster publicizes a calendar of UU events, coordinates radio ads for Unitarian Universalism in the metro area, supports a Colorado UU Advocacy Network and plans UU involvement in the Pride Parade and other public events.

UntitledWe support the Russell Lockwood Leadership School held every summer within our district. Participating in this continuing leadership school increases the depth of skills in our congregations and in people’s personal lives.

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