March 22 – 28, 2017 
Sunday, March 26
9:15 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

12:30 p.m.

1:00 p.m.

2:00 p.m.

 Sunday Service

Sunday Service
Science and Spirit (R3/4)
Small Group – Leyba (M3/4)
Together Colorado mtg (R6/7)
Resonance rehearsal (Priestley rm.)
CUUPs Children’s Circle – Ostara (chapel)
COA cape decorating (M1/2)




Rev. Robert Latham, Minister Emeritus
We seek to live with nobility hoping that our life will contribute to human good. However, history may seem indifferent to our intentions. Sometimes what we intend as good turns into bad. And sometimes what we see as bad will turn into good. The smaller lesson is that we don’t have complete control over the outcome of our intentions. The larger lesson is that either good or evil can become each other through the magic of social transformation.
Due to spring break, our 7th grade OWL, 8th grade COA and 9th-12th grade YRUU classes will not be meeting today. Other RE classes will be meeting in their regular rooms.
JUC Choir
Shared Ministry
Support our shared worship each Sunday and help all feel welcome by signing up to be a

Usher, Coffee
Attendant or
Laundry Helper.
Job descriptions can be found


Members are encouraged to sign up at least once per quarter.
Together we create a meaningful worship experience by
volunteering for these essential tasks.
Needed for this Sunday, March 26: 
9:15 a.m.: 2 Ushers, 2 Greeters, 2 Coffee Attendants
Thank You to the March 19 Greeting, Ushering, Coffee-ing, Laundering, 
Commons Coordinating ROCK STARS:
Sherry Agard, Linda Boettcher, Pat Emery, Dindy Fuller, Pam Moser, Karen Oxman, JaniceSakata-Schultze, Lydia Stranglen, Jill Surber Blackwell, Katie Wheeler!


Sign Up Genius Tutorial
If you are having issues getting signed up online for Sunday Shared Ministry or other volunteer opportunities via our Sign Up Site, please watch the video tutorial below for instructions. If after watching you are still having trouble, please know you can call the church office at any time for help. For Sunday Shared Ministry, you can email or call me any time and I am happy to get you signed up!
Beth LeybaCongregational Connection Coordinator (303-279-5282 x34)
This Week
Today, Wednesday, March 22
Resting in Words // 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. catered dinner ($5 suggested donation) // 6:30 p.m. worship // Dinner tonight is Baked Potato Bar with salad


Looking for a way to open up a deeper space within? Each month we’ll select a short text related to our theme, read it aloud, and settling into the words, finding what is calling us this day. We’ll provide the text, something to write on and something to write with. You come ready for some extended silence, and optional sharing at the end.
Saturday, March 25
Being Mortal Film Screening // 2 – 4 p.m. // Based on the bestselling book by surgeon Dr. Atul Gawande, this film explores the hopes of patients and families facing terminal illness and their relationships with the doctors, nurses and family members who care for them. 
See this moving documentary, join the conversation, and explore what matters to you. All are welcome. We hope to see you there!  
Family Ministry Team: Nursery & Preschool Family Potluck and Art Making // 4 – 7 p.m. // Join other families of nursery and preschool aged children for a family friendly potluck dinner and kid-friendly art making session. Contact:Ayrolyn Keady
Happening Soon
Endowment and Memorial Gift Trust (EMGT) call for grant proposals for 2017-2018
EMGT directors are pleased to announce that $10,000 will be available for special projects in 2017-2018.


Since its inception in 1996, the EMGT has distributed more than $450,000 to fund capital improvements, scholarships, internships, conferences, and community outreach. We encourage you to submit your ideas to advance the strategic objectives of JUC.
Please remember that all grant proposals must originate from a standing committee or recognized JUC group.


The guidelines and application form may be found on the JUC websiteProposals are to be submitted via emailThe deadline for submission of grant proposals is Friday, March 31 at 5 p.m. Projects approved for funding will be announced in IGNITE in late April.
Sunday, April 9
Family Ministry Team (FMT) and Living Our Values! (LOV!): Cookin’ For Others // 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. // In this multigenerational event, JUCers are invited to join together in JUC’s kitchen and south commons as we make a meal for people in need. Past recipients of food made at Cookin’ for Others events include Family Promise and local homeless shelters.
Participating children must have a participating adult. Sign up if you plan to attend. 


UUSC Guatemala Partners: Film Viewing // Discovering Dominga // 6 p.m. // Compelling film documentary about an adopted teen living in Iowa disturbed by nightmares who seeks to find out who she had been. Her search leads her to the village of Rio Negro in Guatemala where some of our scholarship students have come from and many of our Pacux partners.
Light snacks available including popcorn, chips & salsa at 5:45 p.m. Please feel free to bring your own snacks or picnic. Contact: Gretchen May
Monday, August 7 – Friday, August 11
Summer day camp at JUC // W
e will offer a day camp for children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade in the fall. The theme of the camp is “The UU Art of Peace” and we will explore different ways in which we can help to create peace in our world, through various fun and creative activities! Pre-registration forms with more information are available on the table just inside the RE hallway. We are also looking for middle school and high school students to serve as junior or senior camp counselors. For information and an application form, contact Julie Excell.
Campus News
Call for General Assembly Delegates
The UUA General Assembly 2017 will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana June 21-25.
JUC can send up to 16 delegates. If you are interested in attending as a delegate, please 
complete this form
 or contact the office.
Community News
Sunday, March 26
Wildlife Everyday: Connecting to Nearby Nature in Colorado // 5 p.m. // JUC // 
The speaker at the Jefferson Humanists March chapter meeting is Brian Kurzel, Executive Director of the National Wildlife Federation Rocky Mountain Region. He oversees NWF’s work on protecting public lands, sustaining fish and wildlife populations, promoting responsible energy development, connecting people to nature, and partnering with tribal governments on education and conservation. If you’d like to stay afterward for a sumptuous buffet supper, please RSVP by March 23 to Barb Bailey(303-979-0508).
School of Celtic Consciousness
Celtic Resurgence: From St. Brigid to John Muir // Come enjoy two paired lectures from the Rev. Dr. John Philip Newell, Iliff’s Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Spirituality. March 31-April 1 will focus on The Sacred Earth, stories of Celtic spirituality in the western Isles of Scotland and the life of John Muir as a Celtic-American prophet of ecological consciousness. The focus for April 7-8 is on The Divine Feminine, honoring the feminine through the figure of St. Brigid as well as the renascence of the divine feminine in the 20th century. Use the password FRIEND for a $25 discount on both weekends. Register online.
Retreat // Join us April 4-6 for an experiential time of learning, prayer and chant rooted in the Celtic vision of acclaimed Scottish teacher, Rev. Dr. John Philip Newell at the beautiful Shambala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.  Hosted by the Colorado School of Celtic Consciousness from 4 p.m. on Tuesday through lunch on Thursday. Visit our website for more information or to register.
Sunday, April 15
Humanist Perspectives // 10 a.m. – noon // Jim Baron will present “Community: An Evolutionary Survival Instinct.” Why do humans and other animals have a need for community and socializing? Using comparisons with other species, Jim demonstrates how evolutionary group survival mechanisms are built into our DNA. Come socialize and discuss. We will meet in the Religious Education west wing of JUC’s main building, room R3/4. So we know the quantity of coffee and breakfast morsels to provide, RSVP by April 13 to Jim Bole or at meetup.com/jeffcohumanists.
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